Consultations During the Coronavirus Epidemic

We now offer online consultations, as well as the usual on-site counseling, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric consultations.

Both types of appointments are scheduled via a phone call (02 943 1102) in the hours from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00. You will receive the pertinent information during the phone call.

We take the necessary measures to minimize the risks in arranging and scheduling the appointments.

Measures Concerning the Coronavirus Epidemic

We continue our work at Dinamika Centre while closely monitoring the epidemiological situation, regarding both the spread of the infection and the psychological responses to it.

We do the necessary in order to be adequate and available in these circumstances:

  • We have organized our work so as to avoid groupings of people. We maintain interpersonal exchanges within an adequate range.
  • We provide sufficient space and time for the disinfection and airing of the premises.
  • We strive to find a balance between reasonable measures and extreme reactions.
  • We endeavour with our presence and work to foster our capacity to cross in solidarity through this period of trials.

We expect the emergency situation to continue for months in which we will have to deal with the various dimensions of the current crisis.